Wild Woman Wisdom: A yoga retreat for the divine feminine

a yoga retreat for the divine feminine
with Mina and Fidelia
May 19th – 21st 2017
L’Engouement in Toubab Dialaw

Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word yuj which means “to join” or “to unite”. In yoga we seek to unite body, mind and spirit and to overcome all opposites. However, the approach to this union of all dualisms and the path to attainment of moksha (liberation) is often illustrated from the perspective of masculine principles such as silence, stillness and emptiness. In this retreat we will take a closer look at the eight limbs of yoga from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and infuse them with the feminine principles of sound, movement and fullness to awaken our inherent wild wisdom.

The eight limbs of Yoga in Wild Woman Wisdom:
1. Yama (moral restraints) &
2. Niyama (observances) with a focus on self-care.
3. Asana (posture) with a focus on constant flow and an awareness of our female organs / moment within the cycle.
4. Pranayama (breathing techniques) with focus on breath becoming sound and voice.
5. Pratyahara (sensory withdrawal) with focus on the heightening of the senses/sensuality through partial sensory withdrawal.
6. Dharana (concentration) with focus on visualization and opening up of extrasensory perception through concentration.
7. Dhyana (meditation) with focus on moving meditations to literally “move beyond the mind”.
8. Samadhi (meditative absorption) with focus on the state of bliss or ecstasy in the fullness of community and connection to nature.

These points serve as a guideline for our time together, as we go deeper into the “journey of the self, to the self, though the self” (Bhagvad Gita). We flow organically through the weekend sharing hatha yoga, somatic exercises, nature walks, singing circles, communal cooking, cacao ceremonies and more to celebrate life as woman. As nutrition will play a significant role, we are collaborating with L’Engouement, so that we can bring you 3 vegan meals that are integrated thematically into the retreat, serving as part of the yogic experience.

Your guides:
Mina (Berlin/Dakar) is a shapeshifter and medicine woman who shares her gifts of healing through yoga, dance, body work and vegan food. She is fascinated by the body in its physical and subtle form, continuously looking for ways to expand her knowledge and skill without being bound to one profession or realm. She is the writer of “Mother’s Milks – A mystic vegan cookbook for healing your relationship to food.” and CEW (Chief Executive Witch) at her own yoga studio Prism Yoga Dakar in Senegal. http://www.minafuhr.com/
Fidelia (Berlin/Lisbon) is a holistic healing practitioner, dancer and occupational therapist. Her work is a dedication to creating wholeness. Through different somatic practices from movement, touch, voice, breath and energy healing, she guides us through the wonder of embodiment and the pleasure to be alive. https://fielleicht.wordpress.com/

When & Where:
The retreat will be hosted at the magical L’Engouement in Toubab Dialaw 1h outside of Dakar where we will be surrounded by nature. The ocean is a 30min walk away and we will have our own eco-friendly biopool. Our opening circle will be at 18:00 on Friday and the closing circle at round 15:00 on Sunday.

Suggested Pricing:
60.000cfa Reduced
80.000cfa Regular
100.000cfa Supportive
… and anything in between and beyond.
Please send us an email at: minafuhr@gmail.com
We ask for 30.000cfa in advance to finalize your reservation (becomes non-refundable on May 12th). Two spots for helpers are available at 35.000cfa. Please send us an email with your motivation statement.

Rooms and Meals:
Accommodation goes from 5.000 – 15.000cfa per night depending on the room and meals are at 16.000cfa per day including 3 meals with warm drinks and mineral water. Please contact Sylvaine at Sobo Bade (sobobade2012@gmail.com) to reserve your room.

We look forward to sharing this transformative experience with you and are here for any further questions.

Mina & Fidelia

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