Sacred Cacao Ceremony


Sunday April 17th
16:00 – 19:30
@Prism Yoga Dakar

Cacao Spirit
There is a good reason for why you love chocolate. The effects on our brain chemistry profound releasing endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, tryptophan, all substances that elevate the mood. But cacao offers much more than that.

Cacao (Theobroma cacao — “Food of the Gods”) has had a long history of important worship & influence on human culture: dating back to 2000 BC with the Olmec civilization, following with the Mayans & Aztecs, followed by European Trade….Cacao is currently experiencing a new wave of worship.

The Spirit and essence of Cacao, as a plant medicine, is an extremely gentle, loving & supportive. Often referred to as “Mamma Cacao”, its essence is much like that of the archetypal Mother: unconditional love. Cacao works particularly on our heart-center: our ability to give and receive love freely – generously, and reminds us of the power of softness, over force.

The Ceremony
On this day we will come together to share our love for cacao, ourselves and each other. We will create a loving environment in which we drink high-grade ceremonial raw cacao, do very gentle yoga, visualize, meditate and hold space for each other. Our society is lacking rituals, which are in themselves very nourishing for the soul. Why don’t we spend an afternoon carefully listening to ourselves guided by the cacao spirit?

Please skip lunch! It’s much easier to listen to the body, when it’s not digesting. Also, the cacao might make you slightly nauseous. You can have a light breakfast and drink water throughout the day. There will be some fruit after the ceremony ~
Please bring warm and comfortable clothes to move in and another warm sweater for savasana/meditation.
Bring your intention 🙂 It’s not mandatory, but setting an intention can help you deepen your dialogue with the cacao spirit.

We can accept a maximum 10 people, so please let me know if you would like to participate. minafuhr [at]

Energy exchange = 10.000 ~ 15.000 (sliding scale)

I’m of course here for all of your questions <3

A few good pages/articles to read if you would like more information on cacao and its ceremonies:
Keith the Cacao Shaman’s website
An article on the experience


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