One Revolution, Respiration


KONZEPT, CHOREOGRAFIE Christine Borch TANZ, PERFORMANCE Moss Beynon Juckes, Jule Flierl, Christine Borch DRAMATURGIE Rebecca Egeling LICHTDESIGN Yair Vardi BÜHNE Christine Borch, Kai Erhardt: Atem-Research, Andreas Demmel: Systemische Konstellationsarbeit, Mina Lange: Costume-Research, Rainer Ott: Bühnenbildbau, Christine Borch und Rebecca Egeling: Produktionsmanagement, Bianca Karaula: Beratung Produktion

I was really flattered when Christine asked me to do the costumes for her new piece “One Revolution, Respiration” that premiered on the 4th of January at the opening of Tanztage Berlin 2013 at Sophiensaale. The performance was built upon their research on breath and the different states that these modalities of respiration evoked. My work was to create costumes that kept Christine, Jule and Moss in a archaic world between man and woman, animal and human, nature and culture and at the same time cater to their individual needs for protection and expression.

Photos by Gianmarco Bresadola