Hermina Hara

“Hermina Hara” is the name of my label that I created in the project “Fashion Myths” during my studies. We were to go through all the stages of creating a label concept, designing our first collection up to store and look book design. The inspiration for this label came from a more sullen side of mine, a strengh that comes from serenity.


Company Concept
„Why use fashion as an escape when it can weigh you down?“ Hermina Hara’s designs provide an enormous proximity to reality not by necessarily offering overly wearable everyday pieces but by embracing the given truth from all angles. Growing up between two different cultures, German and Japanese, Hara realizes from early on that nothing is certain, that a paradox is the closest explanation there is. She studies fashion design both at the highly conceptual University of Arts Berlin and at the more technically orientated Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo. While studying she works as an assistant for KIIYA a Japanese dress form company where she acquires detailed knowledge of the human body. She decides to launch her first women’s wear collection for SS/2011 from Berlin, to give voice to her world in which peace is not to be found in homogeny but in an uproar of conflicts. In her work Hermina Hara constantly searches for new ways to give lightness and freedom through confronting life, femininity and the body.


Collection Description
Once you render control, it will return to you in overabundance. In her debut collection for SS/2011 Hermina Hara explores the delicate balance between helpless exposure and empowerment, drawing the picture of a limitlessly tenacious woman. She creates a somewhat sinister atmosphere with rather inconspicuous clothes by setting off small frictions and unexpected disappointments.
A determined blazer loses it’s persuasiveness through the lack of a shoulder seam, a masculine shirt seems disorientated without it’s collar and a once potent suit trouser just seems to breathe away in it’s muslin existence. The smell of a sterile soap bar still lingers in the cotton fabrics, which could have been found in the bedroom 30-year-old virgin, partially pinstriped, laced or morbidly plead. Multiple flesh-colors and washed off whites squirm into each other while a dew green serves as a resting point for the eyes in the otherwise disquieting scenery. Oddly alienated suitcases, hats and neckties smirk at us or they know something that we don’t know.
Putting her vulnerability at stake the sullen girl takes charge over the big boys.


A couple of shots from the mock-up store, packaging and label design.