cosmic dance

11130594_10206011725549376_773206246_nMina started dancing ballet at the age of three, reluctantly at first (!) but then with growing passion and interest in different styles of dance from modern to house and jazz to dancehall. In 2011 she experienced the joy of belly dance and hasn't stopped dancing ever since. While continuing her training in contemporary dance and Butoh in Berlin, she started performing as a professional belly dancer as well as contributing to contemporary pieces. In 2013 she was chosen to join the international workshop for professional dancers at Ecole des Sables in Toubab Diallo, Senegal, and also danced with Doudou Ndiaye Rose during her husbands Deggi Daaj International festival of drumsets and dance, which inspired her immensely and broadened her dance horizon on a whole new level.



SATURDAYS MERMOZ 16:15– The Dancehall

If you want to learn how to move to sensuous oriental music, you're in the right place! We will break down classic and fusion belly dance movements and drill them for body memory and higher dexterity. The choreographies are fun, rhythmically challenging and poetic and will give you a good inspiration on how to eventually improvise yourself <3




Mina in sparky costumes flying across the restaurant floor and sometimes levitating above the tables. Both restaurants are super yummy and vegan friendly, alhamdoullilah! A perfect place to have dinner and be super entertained, or even dance some yourself. Make sure to reserve a table <3

Feel free to contact me, if you'd like a private class or would like to book me for your event.


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Fusion Belly Dance performance at Little Buddha, Dakar


Fusion Belly Dance performance to live music at JeBon, New York


Fusion Belly Dance performance, Berlin


Drum Solo at Loman Art House, Dakar

Fusion Belly Dance with Deggi Daaj International and Doudou Ndiaye Rose, Dakar


With Deggi Daaj International and Doudou Ndiaye Rose at the Dakar Fashion Week, Dakar


With Deggi Daaj International and Doudou Ndiaye Rose at The Biscuiterie, Dakar