Bilingual News


I was in Japan last November for just a short week. I had the opportunity to be a guest at the Bilingual News led my Michael and Mami, who run a podcast Japan, a English/Japanese bilingual one, and cover different topics, that tend to be taboo or off-topic in Japan. And via my brother’s girlfriend I landed on their radar to come and have a 2h chat with them! Time flew by, as both hosts are very on it and also speaking a mix of English and Japanese was very soothing to me 🙂 Even if you only get 1/2 of what I say, you can listen in on it and find I what I think about Africa, shamanic healing plants, lucid dreaming and have a little sneak preview of my book, as we talked quite a lot about that. I will be invited again, when my cook book is out. Excited to go back and chat some more!