My diploma for fashion design at the University of Arts Berlin consisted of a thesis on “The reception of clothes” and a performance piece “to dress” on the subject of the thesis.

You can download the thesis here.

The description of the performance is as follows:


Can we look at clothes without seeing fashion? The world of fashion seems to spread further and further in our time governed by „the image“. Everything on the body can be interpreted as fashion; our bodies can’t breathe any other air, than that of style. The broad variety of images the world of runway offers, leads us to wallow in the rich colors, shapes and emotions they evoke, but the message they send out is monotonous: The New. It is only when we try to communicate outside of this box that we realize, the unity of body and clothes is trapped within this realm of meaning.

“to dress” aims to break the bind between clothes and fashion by focusing on the act of dressing instead of the product. By understanding clothes, not as an object with certain attributes, but rather as something that invites us to interact with and emerge with, we can learn to comprehend attire as choreographic imperative. The application of this notion onto other objects and even architectural elements opens up the normalized view we have upon the act of dressing and undressing. The ideas of this performance are based on my thesis in which I analyze the point of view on clothes and the wearer in western society and try to propose an alternative perception of the dressed person to broaden our communication based on clothes.

Concept: Mina Lange
Music: Yuka Otsuki
Performers: Josefine Wandel, Mina Lange
Camera: Daisuke Iwamoto