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Welcome to my new home PRISM YOGA DAKAR <3

The studio doors will open March 21st 2016 !

I will finally have my own studio, where I can offer more classes, keep props and clean the floor as much as I like. Thank you to everyone who offered me their living room, terrace and foyer for communal yoga classes over the past 3 years !!! Jerejefaye and Namaste <3

Right now, with the purchase of my mystic vegan cookbook "Mother's Milks" which is available at the studio, you'll receive a free yoga class ~

More on the studio, the classes and the yoga I share, click here.

Book Release

"Mother's Milks - A mystic vegan cookbook for healing your relationship to food."

My debut book will be released November 30th <3
Get a copy here <3

"Seeking to explore and restore your relationship to food? Interested in a raw vegan lifestyle but cautious of commitment and unsure of what an eating overhaul may entail? In a multi-cultural, multi-dimensional collection, Mina Fuhr’s Mother’s Milks recounts Fuhr’s journey of healing from an eating disorder in a collection of personal essays punctuated by (mostly) raw vegan recipes. As she elaborates upon her experiences, so too does she expand upon the background of diet traditions from Macrobiotics to Ayahuasca, with plenty of opportunities to try delicious dishes and determine your own path to recovery. The recipes draw inspiration from Fuhr’s Japanese-German background and occasionally African present, while the stories are all her own. Whether in need of a personal culinary shift or a broadening of your raw vegan repertoire, Mother’s Milks will provide the tools, techniques, and encouragement needed for a loving and radical transformation of your approach to all aspects of food and yourself." 
– Umi Tuesday



Man suffers only because he takes seriously what the gods made for fun.

– Alan Watts.


Latest news

Sacred Cacao Ceremony #3

Cacao Ceremony #3 Prism Yoga Dakar April 21st ’17 / 18h–21h “An indigenous Mayan myth tells us that whenever the balance between humans and nature becomes threatened, Cacao comes from […]

Wild Woman Wisdom: A yoga retreat for the divine feminine

WILD WOMAN WISDOM a yoga retreat for the divine feminine with Mina and Fidelia May 19th – 21st 2017 L’Engouement in Toubab Dialaw Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word yuj […]

Women’s Cacao & Full Moon Ceremony

Women’s Cacao & Full Moon Ceremony March 12th 2017 / 17.30h – 21.30h Prism Yoga Dakar ~ for heightened self-love, radiance and wildness ~ “An indigenous Mayan myth tells us […]

Kimono Mini-Collection

5 PIECE COLLECTION KIMONO FABRICS @NION BERLIN For the first time since I have graduated, I touched the sewing machine in a major way. My mom left me with a […]

Robert Ashley: Yellow Man…

OCT 7TH / NOV 5TH / DEC 24TH SPEKTRUM BERLIN / NION BERLIN / ZEN-ROOM FLORIDA PERFORMANCE First duo with my hubbie. “Yellow Man with Heart with Wings” (1978) is […]

Demonshaker in Berlin

OCTOBER 2ND 2016 STUDIO 10, BERLIN DRUMSET ORCHESTRA This is the first Demonshaker where I was actually on the bill. I did the usual, grounding the space, making sure the […]

Sound Food Series

SEP/OCT/NOV 2016 NOIZEFABRIK, BERLIN COMMUNITY LUNCH During the fall, I was asked to cater a lunch once a month at the Noizefabrik, which is an amazing co-working-working-space-turns-into-concert-venue-at-night kinda space. They […]

Berlin Cobra #9

NOVEMBER 19TH 2016 NOIZEFABRIK, BERLIN GROUP IMPROVISATION Cobra is a complex, wild, and controversial group improvisational language. The 12 participants will learn the system over a 3-day workshop. The NF […]

Dakar Eats Interview II

Kari from Dakar Eats interviewed me again; about veganism and of course about my book, which will be sold at the Lou Bess farmer’s market on May 7th. Enjoy!   […]

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